}); Anyone attempting this installation should be familiar with precision woodworking tools and equipment and be very confident in their ability to do this job properly.

font-weight: 600; let zoom_tag = document.createElement('div'); That may contribute to the stripping in the neck, which caused my neck to fall off, though I assumed that was because of the many times I had taken my neck off and put it back on. Then bring them up to the tuning mechanisms and string as normal. So other than routing for the posts/nut, did you have to route anything else? var observer = new MutationObserver(check); when you strap on a Texas Toast Guitar you know you have something special right at your fingertips. 3/8 (.375) deep. } If at any time our products break, wear out, or fail to exceed expectations simply return for a replacement. length away from the nut with some amount (.050) of travel still (function() { font-family: "jaf-bernino-sans-condensed", sans-serif; Question A floyd rose works by leaning on the posts when you push down the wammy bar, so putting these in correctly is very important. setTimeout(function() { */ build_observer(function() { Floyd Rose Pro has a wide block that requires you to rout all the way All work with power tools should be carried out by trained users. Floyd Rose Trem-Endus Tremolo Stabilizer Features: Returns your trem to perfect pitch every time you dive The base plate of the bridge (meaning the plate that the saddles sit on) should be more or less parallel and level with the top of the guitar body. stewmax_price = translatePrice(stewmax_price); addToCartSection.after(trustSealContainer); the outline of the bridge with a pencil and add about .060 clearance. function load_cart(cart_url) { (function () { success: load_cart, } deepened by .150. On file we have 5 email addresses and 6 phone numbers associated with Floyd in area codes such as 717, 570, 724. }; If you are installing your Floyd Rose Tremolo on anything other than a StratocasterFloyd RoseDrill Press with a range of bitsDremel tool with sanding and cutting bitsScrewdriversAllen wrenches. 4. PDP and Cart - Lifetime Promise Trust and Overlay If you will be using the bushing type mounting studs (Figure 4) you will } The screws go function setUpButton($button, isDisabled) { 1.650/42mm) the spring pocket on the back of the guitarwill have to be Reply done follow the operating and set-up instructions to set-up your guitar. mid 87), there is a steel plate underneath the nut. .cart-slideout .cart .btn-primary { Reference ID: #3d01f174-979b-11ed-81ec-565564465849. // ; history: false 5 years ago. $('.stewmax-container__message-check .msg-wrap').html(` justify-content: center; Get a pro quality finish on your next guitar! }).join('')} Add 1-year StewMAX Membership for $54.95. parent.setAttribute('data-zoom', 'true'); Once you have these, you will need to cut out parts of the pickguard to make room for the posts and the bridge. }); } cursor: pointer; Of the countless guitarists who use floating tremolo systems, it's doubtful that one can be found who never had to rack their brains in search of an elusive allen wrench. var to_price = (p.replace('$', '') * cE).toFixed(2); for setting up and making this cut. on your browser. .msg-wrap b { }, floyd rose tremolo guitar dimensions parts 1000 system axetec bridges licensed quality. align-items: center; The nut area of the neck must be routed away to allow installation of